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Air Chamber


An Air Chamber is used to cushion the surge of water after each upstroke of the cylinder pump. If this surge is not suppressed then hammer in the delivery pipeline will destroy the valves in the pump, and cause vibration and excessive wear throughout the windmill system. It will also aid in reducing friction in the pipeline by averaging the flow between the pumping and non-pumping strokes.

Air Chambers are used if the delivery pipeline is greater than 60 metres in length. The illustration on the right shows the correct set up for an Air Chamber in a forcing situation. To work effectively the Air Chamber needs to have a Non Return Valve fitted either side. It also must be of sufficient size to absorb the full flow of water on the upstroke of the pump.



The Air Chamber works by absorbing part of the water from the upstroke of the pump and discharging this on the down-stroke. The volume of water entering the Air Chamber on the up-stroke compresses the air trapped inside the chamber. During the downstroke of the pump this compressed air reacts back to equilibrium and forces the water down the delivery pipeline. In this way the flow of water through the pipeline is smoothed out. Instead of the water flowing through the pipe in pulses, it becomes a steady flow.

Constructed of high density Poly-ethylene with a thick side wall, the Air Chamber is built to withstand pressures of 600 kPa, or 60 metres head.



  • · Polyethylene construction
  • · Brass drain plug with Brass Ball Valve
  • · Brass bleed at top with Brass Plug
  • · Poly Nipple in base to suit 1.1/4”, 1.1/2”, or 2”
  • · Pressure rating of 600 kPa

In operation it is essential that the Air Chamber be “bled” regularly. As air is soluble in water (and more so under pressure), the air will be lost over time. The Air Chamber becomes water- logged; the water needs to be drained, periodically. This process is made easier by the provision of a tap on the bottom and a plug at the top. The plug is loosened and tap opened to drain some of the water from the chamber.


The Air Chamber can also be used on the suction side of a Syphon Pump. It is used this way to provide an easier path for the water to feed the pump. In this case the Air Chamber becomes a Suction Chamber – It is filled with water, not air.


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