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Belvidere Submersible Bypass Valve



The Submersible Bypass Valve allows an electric or solar powered submersible pump to be fitted below a windmill pump. This can be very useful to overcome low wind conditions or a short-term increase in water demand.



The Submersible Bypass Valve is the connection between an electric submersible pump and a Windmill pump. It allows the Windmill pump to operate without drawing its water through the impellors of the submersible pump.




The Submersible pump is able to pump its water through the windmill pump without any harm to windmill pump or itself. However, if the windmill pump is allowed to draw its water through the submersible pump then damage will occur to both pumps – the impellors of the submersible pump will worn and stressed by the cyclic suction applied by the windmill pump, and the plunger valve in the windmill pump will suffer as a result of the restriction applied by the lack of free flow through the submersible pump.



The performance of the Windmill will be greatly reduced if the flow into the windmill pump is restricted in any way.



The water for the windmill pump is drawn into the valve through a series of holes in the bottom flange. It is important that the flow through these holes be sufficient to feed the windmill pump. Any lack of flow will reduce the performance of the Windmill and limit the life of the pump. Porting (the holes through which the water must pass) is a critical aspect of all windmill components.



The Belvidere Bypass Valve is made in two sizes – 1¼” & 2"  (2" BSP Male both ends externally & 1.1/2" BSP Female both ends internally) If necessary it can be bushed to fit to larger sizes. The Valve is made from Brass, with a nitrile rubber valve.



Product Models Product Code
1-1/4" Brass Belvidere Valve YCVBEL125
2" Brass Belvidere Valve YCVBEL200


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