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Solar Pumps

Windmill Supplies can supply a Solar Pump from one of the most comprehensive ranges of solar pumps in the industry.

Solar pumps are used wherever reticulated power in unavailable. Usually our solar pumps are sold as complete assembled systems. The performance of the system is matched to the customer's site requirements and needs. Therefore each system is specially built.
We can build systems that are very small or very large, for boreholes or systems to pump from a surface supply, such as pumping from rivers and dams. Systems can be total solar (using Photvoltaic modules only) or have back up power supplies such as a "Gen-set" or battery power.

There are four basic systems :-  
  • SF Surface System
  • Eco System
  • HR Helical Rotor System
  • Omni System

As with any pumping system, it is important to match the right pump for the right job. If you are unsure which Solar system you require, why don't you Ask the Experts.

Fill out our Solar Enquiry Form and tell us what you want to pump, and we will provide a detailed quotation.


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A New Sunpump Installation


This SunPump SDS series submersible pump is a highly efficient, low voltage, DC powered, diaphragm-type positive displacement pump designed specifically for water delivery in remote locations like this.

This installation is in a small wetland area on a sheep grazing Property near Grenfell in NSW.

Wetlands are an important place on any farm. They act as filters for the waterways and provide breeding sites for hundreds of Australian animals and they improve water quality. 

They provide habitat for animals and plants and many contain a wide diversity of life, supporting plants and animals that are found nowhere else in the world. 

With this in mind, the land owner does not want to starve the wetland of the precious water from this low yielding spring that is keeping it alive and vibrant during dry periods.  

This Sunpump witch is using only one 80 watt Lorentz solar module cost $2,900 gst incl. and is ideal for this purpose, mounted below a floatation device the pump does not pick up any surface rubbish and is held well above the sediment that has collected at the bottom of the water hole.


Pumping only 1000 litres per day, the water is pumped along a 2 km pipe line and over a 10m elevation to a large storage tank. 


Over a one month period this will amount to more than 30,000 litres, when it is time for the sheep to be moved into the paddock that the tank supplies, there will be plenty of water in reserve so that the sheep can stay in there for a reasonable period of time.


The Sunpump Solar Pumping System comes with solar panels, array frame and post, electrical cable, float, nylon cable to help locate the pump in position and is supplied pre-assembled and tested. 



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