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Delta use the latest in magnetic water treatment technology to help tackle water quality problems all over Australia. TheDelta company is based in the NSW Hunter Valley and is proud to be 100% Australian owned. They are also proud that there DELTA Magnetic Water Conditioners are 100% Australian designed and manufactured. Delta quality products have a 25-year guarantee.


DELTA  Magnetic Water Conditioners are made using very powerful permanent magnets (the strongest magnets known to man).  When water passes through the magnetic field created by these magnets, the water and the dissolved minerals in the water change in character at the molecular level.  This is still not fully understood, however, this results in the minerals staying dissolved in the water and not settling to form a scale.  A further bonus is the de-scaling of any surface this magnetically treated water passes over.

 Domestic - DELTA at home

One of the biggest impacts of declining water quality is what happens in the home. Mineral concentration and salinity can cause a variety of problems. So, how can everyday people working in everyday environments overcome water-quality issues?

DELTAwater solutions' Magnetic Water Conditioners can help wherever people tap into a 'reticulated' water supply, which authorities in some situations often provide as a 'shandy' of fresh and underground water or when individuals or communities pump from a bore or waterway.

We only have to consider the extent of how water-based appliances have become parts of everyday life to realise the benefits of avoiding clogging and corrosion problems and maintaining efficient systems.

DELTAwater solutions has the products and know-how to combat problems involving a build-up of calcium and iron-based scale, salt levels and corrosion. It applies anywhere there is plumbing. This includes hot-water heating systems, evaporative air-conditioners, reticulation, sprinkler or swimming pool systems, boilers and of course plumbing to those all important shower recesses, baths, taps and toilets.

Better water naturally

Magnetic water treatment replaces or reduces the need for the use of harsh de-scaling chemicals. It is pollution free and a perfect example of how human ingenuity can solve a major issue in an environmentally friendly way. Having confidence in what flows through your pipes or taps means everything. Having access to water without corrosive material, minerals, scale and reduced salinity in its profile has obvious health benefits.

Research has shown the importance of high-quality water in promoting health. This involves intracellular hydration, or how cells share fluid in the body, to absorb critical nutrients or to combat harmful toxins or chemicals. Homeostasis or bodily balance is fundamental in health. Having adequate amounts of high-quality water is crucial in maintaining homeostasis.

Magnetic water treatment improves the structure and quality of water and is a major step forward to guaranteeing the best results possible from water supply.


In the hectic day-to-day life of modern society or for simple convenience, having efficient appliances can be the difference between being stressed and annoyed and being confident and relaxed. Joe and Jill Average shouldn't have to worry if their water-based appliances and plumbing are operating efficiently because of water quality. This is where DELTAwater solutions can help you!

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                                                                               Rural Applications



The use of DELTA Magnetic Water Conditioners, with their broad applications, can provide a critical difference for rural industries needing quality water and highly efficient water-supply systems to operate economically and efficiently.

 Industries such as abattoirs and piggeries, fruit, vegetable and vineyards, either for large-scale irrigation or hydroponics crops need good water and good water-delivery systems to guarantee a minimal waste in time and effort.

In agricultural irrigation, DELTA treatment helps prevent salinity damage to plants and soil, which then improves yield and quality and helps reduce evaporation loss.

In hydroponic systems it provides overall improvements in harvesting and quality of produce as well as reducing waste.

Long-term success

"It works so well there is no way I'm giving it back. In fact I wouldn't even sell it back to them if they asked me to." Godfrey Priebe, Bundaberg, QLD.

A 'lifeline' to irrigation property

Stephen Way remembers how good it felt to walk through a two-metre high canola crop at Whittier Park last year. It was an experiment, a triumph and a sign that technology from company DELTAwater solutions had swiftly worked a minor miracle at the Deniliquin district property he manages. 

 DELTA does the job

Asking people armed with pliers to walk along rows of grape vines to break up calcium in drippers hardly seemed viable for Tamworth district winegrower David Edmunds. The job, involving drippers placed 70 millimetres apart, was arduous, frustrating and far from efficient.

Befor and After using a Magnetic Water Conditioners

DELTA technology paying off

Loxton grape grower Peter Schulz is confident Delta Magnetic Water Conditioners he applied to his irrigation system are reducing work and saving water.

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  DELTA in theField 

Efficiencies and bottom-line accountability underpin industry and business ability to provide quality service for customers and clients. And it’s in this sector that DELTAwater solutions and its magnetic water technology excel.

Large health, mining, local government and sport and recreation organisations need good water and good water-delivery systems to guarantee a minimal waste in time and effort.


Boilers, heat exchangers, sterilizers, INDUSTRIAL systems – the list of uses for magnetic water treatment in industry is endless.

Saving time and money while improving results

Reducing maintenance and improving water quality are key benefits of DELTA Magnetic Water Conditioners.

In industries using water for heating, cooling, sterilization and wash-down systems DELTA products minimise the impact of scale build-up and therefore increases efficiency through reducing time and costs spent on maintenance. The treatment also improves performance of systems involving heat exchange.

Magnetically-treated water also leads to improved performances of soaps, detergents and cleaning agents, saving you money!











You can purchase a Delta Magnetic Water Conditioner in the Online Shop


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